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ANR: Accountant Skills Are Lacking; Maryland Could Owe Millions After SCOTUS Decision; ‘A profession that embraces change’ | 05.19.15

The Plain-Vanilla Accountant Goes Out of Style [WSJ
That is, many accountants lack the skills that employers want: " 'What I need is someone who can analyze data, see problems and figure out solutions,' said Benjamin Mulling, CFO of Tente Casters Inc., a wheel maker with its North American headquarters in Hebron, Ky. He said he has a hard time hiring junior- and senior-level accountants. 'A college grad telling me they know how to do debits and credits and financial statements doesn’t really help me,' Mr. Mulling added, because Tente Casters uses software to automate many order-processing and billing tasks."

Supreme Court: Maryland has been wrongly double-taxing residents who pay income tax to other states [WaPo]
This ruling could cost Maryland millions in revenue: "The court voted 5 to 4 to affirm a 2013 Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that the state’s practice of withholding a credit on the county segment of the state income tax wrongly exposes some residents with out-of-state income to double taxation. Justices said the provision violated the Constitution’s commerce clause because it might discourage individuals from doing business across state lines." 

NYU Stern School of Business Announces New Master of Science in Accounting [NYU]
Coming in September 2016.

AICPA Pushes for Improved Audit Quality and Peer Review [AT]
LOL: "We are a profession that embraces change," said AICPA President, CEO and amateur bullrider Barry Melancon, CPA, CGMA.

Here’s how quickly interviewers decide whether or not to hire you\ [Quartz]
First impressions aren't as important as you think: "Many interviewers said they made rapid decisions about a candidate’s suitability: 4.9% decided within the first minute, and 25.5% decided within the first five minutes. Overall, 59.9% of decisions were made within the first 15 minutes, less than halfway through the scheduled interview time. Still, sliced another way, this new data shows that 69.6% of decisions occurred some time after the first five minutes, which runs counter to those earlier studies that found that most decisions are extremely early."

Kim Jong Un criticises turtle farm for failing to breed lobsters [Independent]
Welp, that's it for those turtle farmers.