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Footnotes: Is Lease Reform Dead?; IRS Employees Sneak a Peek; Pop Off on Soda Taxes | 11.06.12

Accounting chief says leases reform in danger [Reuters]

An Election Night Cheat Sheet…Well, Close [NetNet]

Mitt Romney Haunted By Missing Tax Returns As Campaign Draws To Close [HP]

Which presidents spend the most? You might be surprised. [TaxVox]

Watchdog group asks IRS to probe Catholic bishops [WaPo]

Unauthorized IRS Employees Snoop Taxpayer Data “Unauthorized access to taxpayer records by IRS employees is a very serious offense, and the IRS must do everything in its power to make sure that it collects sufficient information to detect, monitor, and properly investigate all such activity,” said TIGTA Inspector General J. Russell George in a statement. [AT]

Hacking of Tax Records Has Put States on Guard [NYT]

Soda Taxes and the Case for a GOP Majority [Joe Thorndike]

Election Day Alcohol Laws Still Ban Booze Sales In Two States Kentucky and South Carolina, what were you thinking? [HP]

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