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Footnotes: The Last Thing the SEC Needs Is Sexy; Soccer Mom Madam’s Accountant Tells All; Oh, Cow Farts! | 11.26.13

There are questions about telecom provider BT's accounting practices [Telegraph UK]

"Soccer Mom Madam" accountant pulled a Sam Antar and will not be going to jail for his part in the madam's, er, activities [NY Daily News]

Maybe you heard that the IRS plans to crack down on tax-exempt groups' political activity. Here's one take on it [Center for Competitive Politics]

So the GOP candidate for governor in Ohio owes the IRS, and he hasn't been hearing the end of it from Democratic opponents. The part that sucks is now it's revealed the Dems' lieutenant governor pick also owes the IRS… and the state, too. Awkward [The Columbus Dispatch]

A Tale of Love, Taxes and Bribery Entrances Brazil [NYT]

Hey, Greg Kyte, you better talk to your heroin dealer in the Congo and give him a heads up [Al Jazeera English]

A money market manager in Detroit learned from the SEC that being "consistently different" is a bad thing [FOX Business]

PwC Calls for New Approach to Valuations [Compliance Week]

Ok, the hed "Accounting Fraud Gets Sexy at the SEC" would be clever were it not for that porn-watching scandal that time, guys []

While you're stuffing your face with turkey on Thursday, some folks from Deloitte will be facing the Canadian government Officials from one of Canada’s largest accounting firms will appear at the Senate Internal Economy Committee on Thursday to answer questions about extraordinary communications one of its senior partners had with the head of the Conservative Party’s fundraising arm during an investigation into $90,000 worth of Senate expense claims by Senator Mike Duffy. Deloitte, which is one of the federal government’s main accounting contractors and is also the auditor of the Conservative Party of Canada, was retained by the Senate last February as an inquiry widened into the housing and travel expenses of four Senators, including Sen. Duffy. [The Hill Times]

COW FARTS are ruining the world [The Register]