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Footnotes: JEOPARDY!; When Take Me Doesn’t Mean Take Me; Goldman Sachs’ Clever New Bonds | 05.08.14

As One-Time Gains Fade, Fannie and Freddie Face a Less-Profitable Future "Bottom line, Fannie and Freddie are not inherently profitable operations in any conventional sense beyond the next couple of years," said Jim Vogel, a debt-market analyst at FTN Financial. [WSJ]

Jeopardy-Style Game Show Helps Accounting Students [AWeb]

The Fed thinks either banks are in great or terrible shape [Bloomberg View]

People don’t vote with their feet when it comes to taxes, report finds [GovBeat via WaPo]

Headine of the day goes to Yahoo with "Pot Banking: Why Colorado has to resort to 'crunchy green banks run by guys named Shaggy'" [Yahoo]

Note: just because a garbage can says "take me" doesn't mean you should, as one woman in DC learned [WaPo]

GT Wichita has a new managing partner, by way of India via Kansas City [Wichita Business Journal]

In case you haven't read enough of these, here's another article about embracing the multi-generational workforce *retch* [Forbes]

Prison Play: Goldman Bets on Gang Members Staying Out of Jail Social impact bonds? Genius. [Bloomberg]

At China's Alibaba, chairman Ma's dealings raise red flags Part-way through Alibaba Group Holding Ltd's long-awaited IPO prospectus was a subtle, but striking, warning: investors should know that lead founder and executive chairman Jack Ma might work against the company's best interests. The acknowledgement, on page 42 of a 300-plus-page filing, highlighted longstanding questions about the Chinese e-commerce giant's complex corporate structure and potential conflicts of interests surrounding Ma, who started Alibaba in his one-room apartment in 1999 and has since branched out into markets as diverse as e-payments and financial investment. [Reuters]

Finals suck. You know what else sucks? Getting hit by a car. That didn't stop a couple of students at University of Georgia from turning to Craigslist to find someone to hit them with a car so they could get out of finals [Daily Mail]