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Footnotes: It’s Goin Down in Brazil; PriceBoozHouse FTW; Are You Drunk Or Are You Just Dumb? | 10.30.13

OGX Bankruptcy Filing Caps Batista’s $30 Billion Demise [Bloomberg]

HEY YOU GUYS! We recorded the tiniest budget deficit in 5 years thanks to record revenue! Um. Wait… what? [Businessweek]

Which iPhone you choose says a lot about you, but mostly it says whether you pee standing up or sitting down [Mashable]

This piece tries to tell you why you should care about something "as boring as" an accounting firm merger. Personally I care about the Booz/PwC mashup because it allows us the opportunity to come up with new names — as John McDuling did — like Pooz and PriceBoozHouse. [Quartz]

Your quote of the day belongs to FASB Chairman Russell Golden: "I think we are substantially converged." [Reuters UK]

Hey "regular folk," go ahead and wait on the Twitter IPO [USA Today]

Why Chrysler Needs an $18 Billion Valuation to Justify an I.P.O. [DealBook]

The CFTC voted 3 to 1 on the Final Rules Enhancing Protections Afforded Customers Protection Funds [CFTC]

Breaking news to no one paying attention, the Fed decided to hang tight on stimulus measures for now [Reuters]

Drunk or just really, really bad at using Twitter? You decide. [Gawker]

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