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Footnotes: I Love This Tax Warrant; No IPO; Your New Favorite Notebook | 04.17.14

Convicted insider trader Danny Kuo really wants to make his MBA graduation, which happens to be the same day as his sentencing for insider trading (oops) [Businessweek]

Virtu Financial is shelving its IPO plans for now. Because HFT drama, not because they are bad at accounting [DealBook]

Are typos racist? [ATLRedline]

Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill Hit With Tax Warrant [Forbes]

Evernote wants to sell you a $33 Moleskine that lets you take notes and talk shit at the same time [Gizmodo]

SEC filings, a surprise every day [Twitter]

IRS Audits Less Than 1 Percent of Big Partnerships [AP]

Texas Parents Angered by Fourth-Graders' Bizarre Adult-Themed Homework You know, kids are going to find out sooner or later that this world is crap. [Gawker]