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Footnotes: HFT GTFO; A Bad GT Breakup; Candy, Tobacco, and Fraud OH MY | 03.18.14

New York seeks curbs on high-frequency trading [BBC]

Actually, pot taxes might not bring in as much as Colorado hopes, but will likely still bring in hella green, man [Cannabist]

Former accountant for a candy and tobacco distributor sentenced in $4 mil+ theft. But, uh, more importantly, there's a candy and tobacco company out there? [Omaha World Herald]

So Lakeland Bancorp was going to break up with Grant Thornton, GT broke up with them first before wrapping the year-end audit festivities and now everyone but GT regrets it []

Rule Makers Still Split on Lease Accounting [CFO Journal]

IFRS could be stripped of accountancy watchdog role The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Foundation’s role in governing global accounting rules is under threat after European politicians said they were questioning whether the authority was “best suited” to the position. The London-based authority, responsible for setting standards in 100 countries, has been severely criticised by MEPs for poor governance structures, a lack of transparency and its “close links to the accounting industry” [Telegraph]

We're just gonna let GT have this one The Managing Partners' Forum, a professional body that celebrates the value of leadership and management excellence, named Grant Thornton 'Best managed international firm.' Judged by an independent panel of subject matter experts, the award recognises the strength of Grant Thornton’s global strategy and leadership, which has enabled Grant Thornton to lead the major global accounting networks in revenue growth the last two years. [BW]

Do me a favor and don't remind Janet Yellen of the power she has kthx [Reuters]

Remember the wanna-be Glasshole who got all, like, "assaulted" in a San Francisco bar and wanted a free trip to SXSW on Google's dime because of it? Yeah, she's basically a creep with a history of being creepy [Valleywag]