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Footnotes: Fraud, Turkey, Fraud, Taxes and OMG Deer Nuts! Happy Thanksgiving, Y’all | 11.21.12

Was Autonomy Founder Aware of Accounting Problems? [CNBC]

HP’s Explanation Still Makes No Sense [Jonathan Weil via Bloomberg]

IRS says states must encrypt electronic tax records [WIS]

Grover Norquist's tax pledge? It's still 'No' [Oregon Live]

The Fiscal Cliff Drama, in WSJ Graphics [WSJ]

Poll: Majority want tax hikes and spending cuts in debt deal [The Hill]

France is Still Chasing Google for $2 Billion In Taxes [Forbes]

Spanish pol under fire for posing with deer testicles [Salon] Bizarre pictures of Carlos Delgado, Minister of Tourism for Spain’s Balearic Islands, posing with deer testicles and a deer corpse, have gone viral after being published in a Mallorca newspaper. The photos were taken on a hunt last year, when Delgado served as the mayor of the Calvià municipality.