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Footnotes: France Figured Now Was Good Time to Pick on Apple; That IRS Cupid Shuffle Video; The ‘My Kid’s an Idiot’ Defense Occasionally Works | 06.03.13

Jim Kolar is your new PwC OMP in Chicago. [PwC, Earlier]
New acting IRS chief continues to staff up [The Hill]
Apple owes France $6.5 million in unpaid taxes [CNET]
The S.E.C. Is ‘Bringin’ Sexy Back’ to Accounting Investigations [DealBook]
Russian Smoking Ban Takes Effect Amid Dispute Over Higher Taxes [Bloomberg]
How Depreciation Can Hurt the Economy [CFO]
Taxpayer can contest trust fund penalty where son tossed Letter 1153 into basement [JofA]
Raising Capital Gains Rates In the Name Of Tax Reform [Forbes]
IRS does 'Cupid Shuffle' [Politico]

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