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Footnotes: Is That an Eagle or Something?; SEC and Trading; The Fine Art of Sexting Coworkers | 02.27.14

Some restaurants got the bright idea to add an "Obamacare surcharge" to orders [CNNMoney]

The SEC Should Really Start a Hedge Fund I guess a bigger question, though, is why are so many SEC employees trading stocks in the first place? The authors' sample, which runs from August 2009 through December 2011, consists of 29,081 transactions, of which 4,806 are trades in individual stocks (with a dollar value of $41 million) and 1,221 are in exchange traded funds ($15.7 million). Most of the rest of the trades appear to be in mutual funds, though the dollar amounts there are not clear. That's for a bit under 4,000 employees, so while it's not exactly frenzied day-trading, it's a meaningful amount of single-stock trading. [Bloomberg View]

If you banked on Mt Gox, you and your Bitcoin are basically SOL [Reuters]

Can anyone translate? I don't speak corporate nonsense [Twitter]

Add CEO pay to the long list of Dave Camp's targets [Bloomberg]

Well, that's one way to get revenge on a guy who ripped you off [WISTV]

PCAOB to hold round table on auditor’s reporting model [JofA]

How to follow up after an interview, with a few tips from EY's Dan Black [Fortune]

Over on Reddit, someone wants to know what the hell the IRS' logo is supposed to be [Reddit]

Today in Open Items: should you delay graduation for an accounting internship? [OI]

In sexual harassment news: "When are we going to have our bang sesh?" [Daily Mail]