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Footnotes: KPMG Hands Over China Docs; The SEC Is Watching; Tie + Shirt (Pay Attention) | 12.12.13

Ed. note: tomorrow is my birthday and as such, I will be dropping off the face of the planet as is tradition. Despite any rumors you may have heard, I am NOT celebrating with Ben Bernanke, who just so happens to share the same day of birth although he was born like a bazillion years before me. Anyhoo, I leave you all in the very capable hands of that Colin guy who you may still remember. I have full faith in his ability to keep you entertained in my absence and I will see you all on Monday for business as usual. As happy as I am to get a day off, know that I will think of you all while I'm eating 15 different kinds of cake and not working. XOXO ~AG

Accused scam artist apprehended in Peru Eric Bartoli, the accused mastermind of a $65 million scam featured on "American Greed: The Fugitives," has been apprehended by authorities in Lima, Peru, after 10 years on the run. The former securities broker is on the FBI's most wanted list for his alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme. [CNBC]

KPMG has turned over China documents to US regulators [WSJ]

10 former IRS folks are getting in trouble for (alleged) unemployment fraud [KSHB]

We retweeted this because we stalk Emily Chasan repeatedly (even in IRL sometimes SHOUT OUT EMILY, SUP GIRL?) but we'll just put this here because accounting red flags are totes our shit, yo [CFO Journal]

We're sure support for John Koskinen has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that acting IRS commissioner Daniel Werfel is basically like "can I just GTFO now, guys?" [WaPo]

Protip: if you withhold employee taxes, you should probably go ahead and get those over the IRS [The Columbus Dispatch]=

Chicago developer Laurance Freed charged with fraud Laurance Freed, a prominent Chicago real estate developer best known for the Block 37 project, has been indicted on federal fraud charges. The U.S. Department of Justice has accused Freed, 51, and Caroline Walters, 53, an executive in Freed's real estate company, with seven counts of bank fraud, one count of mail fraud and five counts of making false statements to banks in a 14-count indictment returned today by a federal grand jury. [Chicago Tribune]

Jonathan Weil explains why Yahoo should have disclosed, disclosed, disclosed. YOU GUYS. That's material and stuff [Bloomberg View]

The SEC ain't afraid of you, wrongdoers [Reuters]

We LOLd when the AICPA pinned advice on the best tie to match your generic blue shirt. Bonus points if you notice two of the three ties are basically exactly the same, which fits with the blue shirt theme [Pinterest]