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Footnotes: Ditching the SALT Deduction; An Intelligible Grant Thornton Press Release; Another Early Dividend | 12.12.12

Time To Get Rid of the Deduction for State And Local Taxes [David Brunori]

KPMG has a new CIO. [NW]

PwC China launches localization program The last Big 4 firm to do so. [CD]

Read this Grant Thornton press release about its CFO survey. Then read it again. And again. It begins making sense, please let us know. [GT]

Tax Question May Determine Supreme Court’s Position on Same-Sex Marriage [Tax Trials/Asbury]

Local accountant hits $1 mil jackpot When [Randy] Latham won, he told the Virginia Lottery he stayed pretty calm despite the big payout. “I’m just going to put this in my pocket and go home to talk to my wife,” Latham said. [WAVY]

Paper Towels v. Air Dryers [P]aper towels win out over regular air dryers, jet air dryers, and cloth rollers, at least in settings like health care provision where hygiene is especially important. [Conversable Economist]

Caterpillar to Pay Dividend Early [WSJ]

Woman Busted for Smuggling Coke Hidden Inside Toblerone Bars, Which Is Like Smuggling Pennies Inside a Diamond [Gawker]

Middle-aged men warned to avoid violent exertion after man dies following Gangnam Style dance Eamonn Kilbride, 46, collapsed with chest pains in front of colleagues at a Christmas party last weekend. He had just performed the dance hit by Psy, the South Korean musician, which has had been viewed at least 930 million times online. Gangnam Style parodies the lives of affluent residents of the country and is accompanied by vigorous dance moves, mimicking riding a horse. It has been performed by an array of public figures, including Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary-general, and Ai Weiwei, the Chinese dissident artist. Prof Bernard Keavney, consultant cardiologist at Newcastle University, told The Daily Telegraph men should be "measured" at Christmas parties and warned them not to "stray outside your comfort zone". [Telegraph]
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