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Footnotes: Dewey Have a Snitch?; A Little Schaden-fraud; SAC Wants to Move On | 03.27.14

Ex-Worker Says He Helped Dewey Cook Its Books [WSJ]

A San Antonio accounting firm is doing something nice with its old laptops for charities in need of old laptops [San Antonio Business Journal]

Wyclef Jean is broke, his accountant has the scoop: "In my most professional verbiage…there ain’t no money." [All Hip Hop]

Accountant: Union Status Could Be ‘Hornets’ Nest’ For Northwestern Players Linda Forman’s accounting firm overlooks Northwestern University’s Evanston campus. She’s a former vice president of the Illinois CPA Society, and she said Northwestern football players might not have thought about all the ramifications of being called “employees” of the school. “It’s just a hornets’ nest,” she said [CBS Chicago]

A former fraudster who once raked in $1 million a year is now making about $13 a month… in prison [Philly Inquirer]

If Microsoft released Office for iPad in the forest, would anyone care? [Reuters]

Lawyer, Too Poor To Network, Fears Homelessness [ATL]

For the plebes, here are 50 smart things to do with your tax refund [WiseBread]

‘Remorseful’ SAC Urges Approval of U.S. Insider Trading Pact [Bloomberg]

WARNING to parents: Mickey Mouse is making your kid dumb (also, if you trust the Daily Mail, it might be genetic) [Daily Mail]