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Footnotes: Debt Doom; Where You Want to Work; Dodd-Oh-F%^$ | 09.17.13

Audit Notes: GOOD sellout, flash crashes, Reuters eyes banks’ accounting moves [Columbia Journalism Review]

Hot off picking the 100 most influential people in accounting, Accounting Today has picked its 100 Best Accounting Firms to Work For. FINALLY, some recognition for that one-off firm in New Jersey you never heard of. [AT]

Are honest looking people more likely to cheat on their taxes? Thank goodness I look really shifty at all times. [Forbes]

IRS Collections From Enforcement Actions Drop [AP]

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew reminds Congress that this debt limit thing is a thing… an urgent one at that. [Reuters]

The SEC will be having a chat in Washington tomorrow about a small little Dodd-Frank rule that requires disclosure of CEO-to-worker pay. [Bloomberg]

Former U.S. Comptroller David Walker wants CPAs to lead the way when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Get on that, people. [Journal of Accountancy]

For the kids: here are 23 ways to learn more better. [HuffPo]

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