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Footnotes: Creepy Guys; Email Best Practices; Marriage and Taxes | 10.29.13

Goldman Sachs wants its junior bankers to take weekends off, isn't that nice? [Bloomberg]

Taxpayers pay to hire workers' lawyers in IRS scandal [USA Today]

CIOs And Cloud Computing: How IT Can Get Back In The Driver's Seat [Forbes]

GT is tweeting some email best practices but forgot to say don't style your emails the hideous way they styled the actual tips [Twitter]

PwC has advised the Thai government to get it together on tax policy [The Nation]

Today and tomorrow, you can pick up a free copy of Maryland Association of CPAs' editor Bill Sheridan's book Look, Lead, Love, Learn on Kindle [Amazon]

According to new research, men look at women's bodies more than their faces. Shocking. [Jezebel]

The world's first Bitcoin ATM is here [WIRED]

10 things people that aren't you — read: not accountants — need to know about marriage and taxes [Forbes]

Consumer confidence is in the tank. Joy. [Wonkblog]


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