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Footnotes: Consultants are Happier Than Accountants; Accounting For the Fiscal Gap; Is There Still an IRS Scandal? | 08.23.13

IRS has basis to recognize same-sex marriages nationwide Shout out to Maryland whoop whoop! [Don't Mess With Taxes]

Rivkin and Casey weigh in on the IRS scandal (or lack thereof, depending on which side of the political line you plant your pretty little feet): "The IRS scandal is a moment of reckoning. It offers the country a unique opportunity to free a substantial portion of political speech from government regulation." [WSJ]

Federal grand jury indicts PA Cyber Charter School founder Nicholas Trombetta and his accountant [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Sure you CAN get an accountant off a popular freelance website but the real question is SHOULD you? [BIT]

Consultants are happier than accountants (go figure). [eFinancialCareers]

There is a bipartisan solution to our fiscal "issues" and all we have to do is count. "The Inform Act would require government agencies to prepare not only a measure of the fiscal gap, but also a generational accounting, which says how much future generations would have to be squeezed (through higher taxes and/or lower spending) to close the gap. Congress could also ask the executive branch to use the methods to evaluate the fiscal impact of proposed legislation. Kotlikoff says Norway and the Netherlands already measure their fiscal gap. The fiscal gap is much bigger than the debt the federal government owes to the public, which is around $11 trillion, because it includes more things. Technically, it’s the value in today’s dollars of all projected future expenditures, including debt payments, minus all projected future taxes and other receipts, into the indefinite future." [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Oh and if you didn't hear, your CPA exam scores will be late(r). As I said earlier today, have a drink. Or 12. [NASBA]

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