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Footnotes: Clippers Cap Gains; No Accounting for Student Loan Debt; Googling It | 05.30.14

A UC Berkeley administrator who previously stole from her employer stole from her employer [SF Gate]

Fed's Policy Hawks Express Mix of Views on Timing of Rate Hikes To quote my 2nd favorite Fedhead: "There is a range of plausible lift-off dates, depending on how economic developments unfold" [WSJ]

The Sterlings will owe about $662 million in cap gains if they sell the Clippers for $2B [Breitbart]

The Export-Import Bank’s Dodgy Accounting The new CBO report shows that the Bank uses accounting practices that don’t accurately reflect risk. This flawed accounting practice means that Ex-Im can claim that it will save $14 billion over the next decade; using fair value accounting, Ex-Im costs $2 billion over this period. [Daily Caller]

How did this future accountant graduate from a state school $130k in debt? [Forbes]

10 disgustingly rich companies that will do anything to avoid paying taxes Haters gonna hate [Salon]

The weird Google searches of the unemployed and what they say about the economy Google found that rising unemployment was not only linked to phrases such as “companies that are hiring.” It was also closely correlated to searches for new technology (“free apps”), entertainment (“guitar scales beginner”) and adult content (“jailbait teen”). The company said its data can improve the accuracy of standard estimates of economic data in a current month as much as 10 percent. [Wonkblog via WaPo]

SEC loses insider trading case against New York fund manager Obus hugged his lawyer after the verdict was read. Outside the courtroom, he criticized the SEC for engaging in a "12-year campaign of regulatory overreach." He promised to push for policy changes "to ensure this doesn't happen again." [Reuters]

What the rich are reading this summer (yeah, OK, like rich people read) [CNBC]

Researchers found that being ignored is worse than being bullied. I'd ask for your opinion but I don't care as you are nothing. NOTHING, you hear me? [Daily Mail]