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Footnotes: China’s Big 4; When Grover Loses, He Wins; An Army of McGladrey Auditors | 11.28.12

Groupon CEO Mason says he would step down if needed [CT]

China's Big Four and the PCAOB [China Accounting Blog]

It's time to fix the charitable deduction [CNN]

Grover Norquist is winning [Wonkblog]

Simpson vows to 'protect' lawmakers who break with Norquist tax pledge [The Hill]

Accountant's indictment tossed in medical pot case [AP]

Wells Fargo elects retired PwC partner to board [Reuters]

Tax Court: Legal Fees Not Deductible for Conduct of S Corp. Sole Shareholder [Asbury]

Prince William Board closes its auditor’s office The Prince William Board of Supervisors did vote to close its internal auditor’s office. Chairman Stewart said the office was his ”brainchild” but wasn’t working efficiently, and using a large outside firm, McGladrey LLC, with ”an army of auditors” with specialized training would be better. [WaPo]

How To Spend Your $550 Million Lottery Jackpot [BuzzFeed]

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