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Footnotes: Big 4 Get Defensive; Outmatched Auditors May Buckle to Management; More Offshore Tax Fights Ahead | 02.22.13

Big Four dismiss claims they are failing shareholders [Accountancy Age]

All Talk: The SEC's Broken Broker-Dealer, Investment Advisor Examination Program [Forbes]

U.S. sues disgraced cyclist Armstrong for sponsor money [Reuters]

Reforming the Charitable Contribution Substantiation Rules [TPC]

Auditor-Client Mismatch May Squeeze Audit Quality Bradley Bennett at the University of Massachusetts and Richard Hatfield at the University of Alabama said they found evidence that staff auditors are often mismatched with company management in terms of age, experience, and accounting knowledge, and it influences auditors' decisions regarding the collection of audit evidence during their field work. The study suggests auditors who feel mismatched with management may reduce their collection of audit evidence to avoid interactions with management, although the situation improves when auditors obtain evidence through e-mail communications, which enables them to avoid face-to-face or telephone contact. [CW]

Big Companies Fear Offshore Tax Fallout [CFO]

Office Conflict: Women and the ‘Catty’ Trap Leah D. Sheppard and Karl Aquino, asked 152 subjects to assess three workplace conflict scenarios involving a pair of managers. The examples were identical, save for the names of the individuals involved: Adam and Steven, Adam and Sarah, and Sarah and Anne. Participants were asked to assess the likelihood that the two managers would be able to repair their relationship and the effect of the dispute on team and company morale. The subjects, both male and female, consistently viewed the conflict between the two women in the most negative light. [WSJ]

Jonathan Weil wrote a couple of interesting posts about Treasury Secretary nominee Jack Lew today. [Bloomberg]

Burglars Steal $7,500 Worth Of Vintage Porn From Michigan Couple [Deadspin]

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