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Footnotes: Big 4 Not Cutting It for Some CFOs; Abolishing 501(c)(4)s; IRS Post-DOMA | 06.26.13

Veeco, Inc. is looking for a Global Head of Revenue Recognition in Plainview, NY. [GCJ]

Despite mounting discontent with the Big Four accounting firms, audit fees have edged up, according to a survey of 259 global CFOs, controllers and chief accounting officers of mostly public firms polled by BTI Consulting Group at the end of last year through March of 2013. Only a tad more than half (51.9 percent) of the respondents, who represent firms with average revenues of $2.3 billion, would recommend their current auditors to peers. That's down from 60.2 percent during the previous survey in 2011. The audit firms associated with the other 48.1 percent of the respondents should thus feel “vulnerable,” according to the report. [CFO]

AICPA Chairman Richard Caturno is now McGladrey's National Leader of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion. [McGladrey]

So the IRS Hounded Liberals Too – But We’ve Still Got a Problem Ideally, the IRS wouldn’t be in the business of measuring and evaluating political activity at all. The agency is simply not equipped to handle the task, at least not well. But that administrative burden isn’t likely to disappear. Although it seems reasonable to me, no one is talking about abolishing the tax exemption (and contribution deductibility) for 501(c)(3) organizations. [Joe Thorndike/Tax Analysts]

Taxpayer advocate: Groups seeking tax-exempt status don't have enough rights [The Hill]
Next on IRS to-do list: Benefits for same-sex couples [Politico]
Here's the entire decision in United States v. Windsorif you're interested. []
What Will Supreme Court Decision on DOMA Mean for the IRS? [TaxVox]
Trial Date Set for IRS Appeal of Tax Preparer Lawsuit [AT]
Of course someone is turning the Aaron Hernandez arrest into a silver liningfor Tim Tebow. [Deadspin]
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