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Footnotes: Yes, Mitt Romney’s Tax Rate Should Be Low; Auditor Musical Chairs; Accounting That Makes Enron Look Good | 09.26.12

Why Romney’s tax rate should be low [Wonkblog]

Just because PwC got spooked by STEC, doesn't mean E&Y isn't up for the job. [OCBJ]

Tax Court: Gross Receipts Must Include Interest & Investment Income for Research Tax Credit Calculation [Tax Trials]

Public Sector Pensions: 'Their Accounting Makes Enron Look Good' [K@W]

SEC's EDGAR System Finally Ready for Non-Public Registration Statements [CW]

Canadian police are smuggling in cheese from the U.S. [NPR]

New Oregon ale made from brewmaster's beard "We do things that are fun, tongue in cheek," said Brett Joyce, president of Rogue Ales. […] Rogue is developing an ale made from wild yeast harvested from the whiskered beard of the its award-winning brewmaster, John Maier. Maier's beard hasn't been cut since a six-pack of beer cost less than two dollars. "Thirty-four years. I never shaved it. 1978. Is that 34 years?" said Maier, as he laughed. Joyce said they tried to harvest new yeast strains from hops from their hop yard, but nothing developed. As a bit of a joke, they looked to the unusual source. "Hey, why not look for a different place that might have some magic yeast in it," Joyce said. [FOX

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