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Footnotes: Bernanke’s New Gig; What, the Treasury Worry?; Bird Flu and Chicken Wings | 02.03.14

Ben Bernanke has a new job, and hopefully won't screw everything up for all of us again [Bloomberg]

H.P. Revises Autonomy Financial Reports, Citing Accounting Errors [Dealbook]

Is this new IRS app an invitation to thieves? [InformationWeek]

White House Punts On NFL Tax Question [TIME]

Should the post office offer banking services to the under-served low income population? [BBW]

Treasury's Lew Says 'Time Is Short' for Debt-Ceiling Fix Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew on Monday pressed Congress to deal soon with the debt ceiling, saying the Obama administration has much less flexibility to avoid a crisis than in previous standoffs because it is entering the height of tax-filing season. Mr. Lew, speaking at the Bipartisan Policy Center, said "time is short" for a fix. In October, Congress agreed to suspend the debt ceiling until Feb. 7, but the government will be able to continue borrowing money to pay bills through sometime later in the month, Mr. Lew said. After that, it will be left to pay bills with only the remaining cash on hand, as well as incoming tax revenue. [WSJ]

Bird flu isn't hurting KFC's bottom line [Reuters]

For all you singles out there: here's how to score in the online dating world [WIRED]