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Footnotes: Baucus Tries to Get Tax Reform Rolling; China To Try Useful GDP Accounting; JPM Settles For $13B | 11.19.13

Baucus Proposes Minimum U.S. Tax on Foreign Earnings [Bloomberg]

Baucus Proposes International Tax Reform But Future Action Remains Uncertain [TaxVox]

Regulatory Pressures Seen Slowing Audits, Raising Fees [CFOJ]

China plans accounting revisions to its GDP calculations more rooted in reality and less rooted in being basically totally made up [South China Morning Post]

France is going to make a go at tax reform… again [WSJ]

The one guy who has been auditing a New York town is a little hurt they're firing him for a CPA firm [TribLIVE]

The ex-mayor of Detroit has 99 problems and a… wait… no, make that 195,099 problems, 195,000 of which are dollars he'll have to pay for "tax crimes" [Boston Herald]

The Forehead That Just Don't Quit Teresa Guidice and her hubby are facing even more fraud charges [USA]

JPMorgan, gov't reach $13B deal on mortgage bonds [AP via BB]

Johnson & Johnson to settle hip lawsuit (that's as in the thing that connects your leg to the rest of your body, not the thing that Colin thinks he is) for $2.5 billion [NYT]

All the Weird Stuff Blockbuster Stores Are Putting on Craigslist [Gizmodo]

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