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Footnotes: IRS Buzzkill; Firing People the Right Way; James Doty’s Ideal Audit Profession | 11.08.12

CBO: ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Could Trigger Recession [WSJ]

Voters Say Yes To Marijuana, IRS Says No [Forbes]

Groupon laid off some people that didn't have anything to do with their horrendous accounting policies. [CNBC]

Liberals outline fiscal cliff demands for taxes, spending [The Hill] Agrees to Buy Kayak for $1.8 Billion [DealBook]

The Best Ways to Fire Somebody [WSJ]

James Doty wants "a vibrant audit profession that competes on quality more than price. I want to see a profession that is revered for insight and clarity, not box-checking. I want to see a profession that attracts and retains top graduates who are and remain committed to excellence in public service." [PCAOB]

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