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Footnotes: Bacon Tax Scams, Sketchy Boyfriends and A Few New CPAs in Maryland Tonight | 11.02.12

Groupon responds to SEC inquiry on accounting [Reuters]

Silicon Valley estate manager's former boyfriend faces $17 million theft charge [San Jose Mercury News]

Tax haven property markets thrive as political scrutiny grows [Reuters]

Union Busting by Profiting From Non-Profit Seen Violating IRS Rules [Bloomberg Businessweek]

Denis MacShame, and the vindication of an heroic accountant [The Daily Mail]
Quote of the entire story: "I mean, really. If you're going to rig up 19 fake invoices, worth £12,900 in expenses claims on taxpayers' money, you don't want to find yourself faced with a politician whom the readers of Accountancy Age once voted their Personality of the Year (I was a little thrilled to see that accountants, too, need heroes)."

Once more, with feeling: Celebrating our newest CPAs [CPA Success]
Congrats to this year's new crop of Maryland CPAs!