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Footnotes: Auditing in Brazil; Save Cafe Garzone; Defending Inversion | 06.16.14

Due to circumstances (mostly) beyond our control, we're signing off early. Go watch some World Cup. God willing, we'll be back to full-speed tomorrow.   

Someone has World Cup Fever so bad, he's wondering what life is like as an auditor in Brazil. [Open Items]

Accounting Changes Proposed for State, City Retiree-Benefit Plans [WSJ]

Hotel taxes aren’t enough to pay Miami-Dade’s Super Bowl tab [MH]

S.E.C. Fines Firm Over Whistle-Blower Retaliation [DealBook]

The city of Syracuse says it will seize the shuttered Cafe Garzone, a restaurant and bar that dates back to 1921, if the Garzone family does not pay at least $32,000 in back taxes by the end of today. The threat has Cynthia Garzone, Charles's daughter, taking to social media asking for donations from friends and the general public to "save the cafe." "It's devastating," she said. "And it is breaking my heart." […]Tim Carroll, director of mayoral initiatives for the city, said back taxes are not the city's only concern with the property. He said the property has been cited for many code violations, many related to illegal dumping of construction debris on the property. "They have ignored every tax bill and code violation since 2006," Carroll said. [Syracuse]

Look at these happy people:

Former Medtronic C.E.O. Defends Inversion Deal [DealBook]

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