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Batman Auditor Gives Scooby Doo a Run For His Scooby Snacks

I'm starting to think we need a Going Concern Halloween costume contest next year. There's always the old "reverse merger" idea or, failing that if you don't want to scare away the client with innuendo, you could always go as the douchey vending machine.

Anyway, as we know Halloween has come and gone but that just means you have 360 days to prepare for next year. Get to brainstorming.

Now, onto the matter at hand. From the Scooby Doo auditor comments:

As it was already mentioned in one of the above comments, it is not necessarily KPMG or other firms for that matter who encourage the dressing up. It's just that some of the clients are REALLY into Halloween. At my client, all of the employees came to work with their kids, there were AMAZING decorations all over the office and every other person was dressed in a costume. Here are a few shots from that day and yes, I am the Batman


(Innocents have been obscured for their privacy, Batman is on his own)

Forgive my skepticism but we have a couple concerns here. We see absolutely no evidence of "AMAZING decorations" all over the office, unless you count the crappy bat clip art on Batman's firm-issued computer and a candy bucket perched precariously on the edge of a cube wall. Technically speaking, I guess you could say "every other person was dressed in a costume" since there are three dudes in the first photo and two of them are in a costume, though I wouldn't call a construction paper mustache a costume either. And for an office with children running around, are you sure scissors pointing out are a good idea on the desk? Seems like a huge hazard to me.

Batman, if you're out there, can you confirm the statements above please?