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Footnotes: Apple’s Value, Middle Class Charity, Simpler OCI | 08.20.12

Apple Becomes the Most Valuable Public Company Ever, With an Asterisk [Bits/NYT]

Romney's tax returns take 2 [DMWT]

The Rich Are Less Charitable Than the Middle Class: Study [CNBC]

GOP lawmaker accuses SEC of dragging feet on JOBS Act [The Hill]

ZAGG CEO Sold Stock Three Days before His Resignation [WCF]

FASB Proposal Aims to Simplify Reclassed AOCI [FEI]

Cold Eye Over 'Whale' Probe [WSJ]
Open Gown, A Universal Hospital Indignity, Leads To Indiana Man's Public Indecency Bust Ty Alsop found himself at the Deaconess Hospital Friday night after an anonymous 911 call led a medic to discover him passed out in his car with his pants and underwear “heavily soiled with urine.” An emergency room doctor later recorded his BAC at .422. […] Unwilling to sleep it off while police tried to track down his parents, Alsop decided instead to sneak by the hospital staff and walk out to the parking lot “wearing only his hospital gown which was split down the back with his buttocks fully exposed” in view of staff, patients, and visitors. The open-backed garment–an indignity suffered by hospital patients across the country–led Alsop to jail where he was also charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. […] [H]e asked the officer for one more chance explaining “’I’m not really a bad guy, I’ve just been a drunken asshole tonight.” [TSG]