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Accounting News Roundup: SEC Jabs PCAOB; Ex-PwC Auditor Charged for Luxembourg Leaks; Deloitte’s First Female CEO Down Under | 12.15.14

SEC: Accounting Board Is Dragging Feet [WSJ]
Regulatory sniping! "Three senior SEC officials publicly took issue with the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board at a conference last week. They suggested the PCAOB, which lately has focused on new audit-firm disclosures, had dragged its feet on another task: new rules that would govern the nuts and bolts of how accounting firms conduct audits."

Ex-PwC Auditor Charged in Leaks of Luxembourg Tax Cases [Bloomberg]
Antoine Deltour, a 28-year-old Frenchman, was charged with "theft, giving away business secrets, money laundering, and fraudulently accessing a computerised data system." In an interview he said, "From the start, I have acted according to conviction for my ideas, not to appear in the media. I am just one element in a more general movement.”

EY launches multi-million pound claim against KPMG [economia]
The suit relates to the spectacular tale of Heather Capital.

Deloitte appoints female CEO [Women's Agenda]
Cindy Hook will be the first female CEO at a Big 4 firm in Australia.

Accounting firms solve succession planning with a sale [Crain's]
48% of Illinois CPA society members are 50 or older. And its President, Todd Shapiro says, "If you don't have your succession plan by the age of 50, you're going to sell your firm."

One of Deloitte's tougher assignments.

Admitting You and the Boss Don’t Get Along Might Improve Your Job [Lifehacker]
The theory being that once you admit that you don't get along with each other, you can focus on the work.