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Footnotes: Andrew Fastow’s Confessions; Spain Putting the Screws to Deloitte; AICPA Is Just Trolling PCC, Now | 07.02.13

Greenlee needs a Financial Analyst in Rockford, Illinois. [GCJ]

The confessions of Andy Fastow [Fortune]

FASB and IASB Plan Roundtables on Leasing Proposals [AT]

Spain Presses Deloitte on Bankia Work [WSJ]

FASB Fine-Tunes Footnote Disclosure The board proposes to make management responsible for assessing whether a company can continue as a going concern. But how necessary is that? And can management be bias-free? [CFO]

AICPA Welcomes Private Company Council’s Proposals I think I just guffawed/vomited in my mouth. [AICPA]

Requiring Defendants to Admit Guilt Will Be Costly for S.E.C. [DealBook]

Plastic Surgeons Cash In on Semi-Real 'Bitchy Resting Face' [CNBC]

How to Get Drunk After Age 28 [Jezebel]


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