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Footnotes: “Accounting Stuff” at Deutsche Bank; Congress Can’t Handle the Truth; Your Long, Unhappy Life Ahead | 06.11.13

IRS Switches Positions, Says Banks Can Deduct Foreclosure Expenses [TaxProf]

Daviess Co. accountant facing theft and forgery charges That's in Kentucky, in case you didn't know. [14News]

IRS attorney who helped manage Tea Party targeting retires [FOX News]

Deutsche Bank Did Some Accounting Stuff [Dealbreaker]

Maryland Court of Appeals delivers huge victory to CPAs via contributory negligence [CPA Success]

Congress To IRS 'You Can't Take The Fifth', IRS To Congress 'You Can't Handle The Truth' [Forbes]

States could get more money by modernizing sales tax laws [Don't Mess With Taxes]

Surprise! Huge US Budget Surplus Shatters Record [Reuters via CNBC]

Why Some Forecasting Can Be a Waste of Time []

American Lives Are Long, Unhappy The good news is that Americans are living longer. The bad news is that our extended time on this patch of earth is increasingly marked by the ceaseless, ever-building procession of misery. At least we have cable. Guess what "the most comprehensive analysis of the health of the U.S. population in more than 15 years" found? Well. I guess I gave it away somewhat in the opening paragraph. Still, you have plenty of time to kill before you pass away. [Gawker]

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