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Let’s Welcome Public Accounting’s Summer Interns

Monday marks the first day of summer so I suppose we should salute the young men and women who will invade accounting firms for the next couple of months.

To the Twitter!

KPMG seems to have a balloon thing going on:

RSM couldn't resist a pun in Baltimore:

Now, interns — you will hear lots of advice over the next several weeks. Some of it will be good (e.g. "Don't be afraid to ask questions"; "Read Going Concern everyday.") and some of it will be bad (e.g. "SALY"). The important thing to remember is that your life will be over if you screw this up.

Ha, not really. Most of you will be fine until you realize that you've made a big mistake and still don't know what to do with your lives. Good luck, interns!

Who else has advice for the 2016 interns? They need all the help they can get.