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Florida Man Drives Porsche on Sidewalk to Make a Point, Gets Arrested

We love a good Florida Man story around here. And today, that man just happens to work at PwC. Exciting!

David Clarke became a principal at the firm when PwC acquired his digital consultancy BGT in 2013. So, obviously, he didn't come up in the firm because if there's one thing these firms drill into you, it's that you don't call attention to yourself like this:

PwC US Principal David L. Clarke, formerly a Principal of BGT Partners, and his wife, Dara S. Clarke, were arrested Thursday night for allegedly damaging a sidewalk that the developer of the Prive at Island Estate condominium project were building across their lawn.
Fun fact: David Clarke was also EY Entrepreneur of the Year finalist. Sorry, just wanted to mention that:
The Clarkes were among a group of homeowners who filed a lawsuit seeking to halt construction of the sidewalk that would traverse their properties on an island in Aventura. The sidewalk is required to be completed for the developer to build its 160-unit project. On Wednesday, the developer won an appeals court ruling that tossed out the injunction preventing construction of the sidewalk.

Sidewalk construction began Thursday. The Clarkes allegedly damaged the wet cement by driving over it with their vehicles.

They were both charged with felony criminal mischief. Dara Clarke was also charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest without violence.
David Clarke said he shouldn't be charged with damaging the developer's sidewalk because it didn't belong on his property in the first place. He expects to prevail in court.

Wait a minute. Haven't rednecks in Florida been driving on their own property since Ponce de Leon ran aground in St. Augustine? Kinda seems like NBD. 

Let's read on: 

According to the incident report by Aventura police, on Thursday night, construction foreman Charles Phelan told officers that he saw a blue Porsche SUV with David Clarke, 43, in the driver's seat and Dara Clarke, 40, in the passenger seat, going back and forth over a long, wet cement curb that his crew had laid earlier in the evening. The couple was allegedly laughing as they damaged the curve in front of their home at 3901 Island Estate Drive. Phelan claimed that they caused $3,000 worth of damage.

Phelan said Dara Clarke had previously laid her body and parked her vehicles in the direct path of his sidewalk construction crew. The developer previously shared a video of her protesting their work.

The police found several sets of tire treads on the damaged curb. They also found wet cement on the tires of the couple's BMW.

David Clarke wasn't on the scene when officers first arrived. When the officers began speaking to Dara Clarke, she allegedly became "extremely irate" and began yelling at officers and Phelan. The two officers said she rushed toward them and attempted to push a phone in their faces while screaming, "look at the property line." After the officers told her she was under arrest, Dara Clarke allegedly began to pull away and "fight" officers while saying, "police brutality."

When you pit a real estate developer against an entitled couple using their luxury cars as destructive agents, it's really hard to pick a side. Reason it out in the comments.