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Even EYers Think PwC Is a Better Firm Than EY

Leave it to EY to turn a call with staff into a high school pep rally. And leave it to one EY employee to hilariously try to torpedo it.

This was posted on Fishbowl earlier today:

The funny thing is another EYer who was on that call told us he/she was considering doing something similar as the “PwC” guy but thought better of it:

I remember the question to be “Everyone type in the chat box which firm you think has the number one Indirect practice” or close to that. Everyone typed EY except one PwC. I was tempted to type something else but didn’t. I did not hear the part with the moderator commenting on it.

I’m guessing the guy who said “PwC” didn’t just pledge his life to the Black and Yellow.

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    1. Because those lists are BS for the most part. It just means they’re big enough to dedicate a ton of time to filling out applications and pulling resources

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