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Fewer Managers, #AuditorProud and Star Wars

It's hard to be productive this time of year. All the HOLIDAY HYPE keeps our attention away from work and 2015 is not an average year. With the return of Star Wars returns on Friday, holiday hype gets a hyperdrive. And I am not immune it.

In general, though, I'm a fan of hype. The anticipation of something rarely matches the excitement of the actual thing. Even last week, when there was a buildup to Thursday's #AuditorProud tweetstorm, I couldn't help but get involved. I don't always buy into hype, but if it involves Jedi or accounting, I can't really say no.

I'll do my best to stay motivated over the next few days, but the power of the Force is pulling me into a movie theater on Friday afternoon, so please forgive any distractions. Have a great week.