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Compensation Watch ’20: EY Employees Don’t Get Screwed For Once

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Bramwell regaled you with tales of boring lines at Starbucks along with the latest buzz on bonuses at EY Canada, while also insinuating that EY U.S. had already given its people a substantial gift when they announced unlimited PTO in October. That last bit is obviously a joke, perhaps not too funny to those actually affected by the change in policy. Today comes news that the EYers of America’s Hat aren’t the only ones with something to look forward to.

Writes a tipster:

EY is providing mid-year salary bumps (Staff 2%, Seniors & Managers 5%, Sr Managers 2%) as well as bonuses which will be paid for FY21 (paid in Sept).

Reddit is also saying 2% for staff and senior managers and 5% for everyone else.

We’re told from another source that US Chair and Managing Partner and Americas Managing Partner Kelly Grier cited “the [COVID-19] vaccine and continued strong performance” when announcing mid-year raises during today’s all-hands webcast. As you’ll see from the slides below obtained by Going Concern, the mid-year salary increases will start showing up on late January paychecks.

Anyone wanna talk about how they’re quintupling counseling sessions? No? Alright.

The only chatter we’re getting on our end is raise-related so we can assume that was the only thing of note mentioned on the webcast, but feel free to chime in if you have additional grievances to air.

The wound from EY’s move to “unlimited PTO” is still pretty fresh so we don’t expect these modest bumps to lead to mass celebration from the loyal grunts of EY U.S., but given how this year has gone, the lukewarm reception to room temperature raises is probably as hot as this party is going to get. Beats not getting anything at all, right?

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  1. The CBS folks felt like they got a slap in the face with their 1% increase no matter the rank…. #thanksEY

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