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September 25, 2023

Exposure Drafts: Don’t Let Your Professional Ethics Flounder

aicpa code of professional conduct cropped

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‘The American Accounting Association Is Not Serious’ and Other Such Thoughts From a Professor Who’s Quitting the AAA

Editor’s note: The two essays you are about to read were sent to us by J. Edward Ketz, Associate Professor of Accounting at Penn State. In the first, he explains why he is quitting the American Accounting Association (AAA). The second essay — “Ernst & Young in an Ethics Scandal: Ho-Hum” — is the opinion […]

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In today’s Monday Morning Accounting News Brief (published every Monday morning at…whenever I roll out of bed), I shared this story from DutchNews about a new round of cheating of the answer-sharing variety at another KPMG arm. Add the Netherlands to the ever-growing list of cheaty KPMG arms, I guess. From that article: At least […]