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Everything’s Bigger In Texas, Including CPA Exam Statistics

We're wrapping up state-specific 2011 CPA exam statistics with this one so if you absolutely must know how your alma mater performed on the CPA exam last year, email me and I'll dig that up for you.

The state of Texas came in 3rd nationally in both candidates and sections but 18th in pass rate and 14th in average score with an average state-wide pass rate of 48.2%. Texas candidates averaged 2.63 sections each.

Here's your top ten for all exams (repeat and first time):

  • Southwestern University 73.1%
  • Texas A&M 68.4%
  • Baylor University 66.9%
  • University of Texas Austin 66.8%
  • Texas Christian University 65.6%
  • Rice University 62.8%
  • Southern Methodist University 60.6%
  • Texas Tech 54%
  • Texas A&M Texarkana 53.9%
  • Trinity 53.9%

As for the worst schools, Texas Southern came in at a whopping 8.5%, performing best on Audit with a pass rate of 11%. Ouch. Devry Irving came in at 14.6% and the University of Incarnate Word rounded it out at 13.6%.

The University of Texas Austin sent the most candidates at 469 with Texas A&M coming in a close second at 440. A&M candidates took more exams than UT Austin at 1,446, 1,064 of which were first time exams.

Of first-time exams, Baylor performed best at 76.1%. Texas Southern performed the worst, with a total of ZERO first time exams passed of the 17 taken.

If you think we should do your state, feel free to plea in the comments. Won't mean we'll do it because I hear my editor is a communist dictator but hey, it's worth a shot.