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Dual Monitors Will Allow PwC Auditors to Finally Get Some Work Done

One of the most frustrating things that plagues many capital market servants is not having the necessary equipment to do one's job. There's nothing quite like your pull-start laptop that runs Excel 97 crashing in the middle of the day to railroad your progress.

When faced with such a dilemma, incessant bitching will rectify most situations, although the timeframe can be subject to your relative worthiness to the firm. Fortunately, when that incessant bitching is widespread, leadership's ears tend to perk up and that appears to be the case with the latest developments inside the PwC audit practice.

The days of slaving away in front of a hot PC that only has one monitor like some kind of halfwit are numbered:
Coming soon: Audit partners and staff to receive dual computer monitors
Published on Oct 24, 2012 at 05:15AM EDT
The Assurance Leadership Team has received feedback from a number of our partners and staff that they're looking for ways to further enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their day-to-day audit activities, particularly as it relates to our supervision and review responsibilities. One of the most frequent recommendations you've made in this area is for the firm to provide dual computer monitors to audit partners and staff as simple way to make our audit work easier, while at the same time enhance quality. Several audit engagement teams have already adopted this dual-monitor approach for their partners and staff with positive results. Benefits have included the ability to simultaneously view more than one element of audit documentation and, as such, help teams more effectively evaluate the relationship of the related elements of audit evidence. The additional monitors also help reviewers to more effectively collaborate in discussing and evaluating the results of audit procedures performed.
Based on your feedback, I'm pleased to let you know that all audit partners and staff soon will be eligible to receive a second computer monitor — one of your choice: either a desktop monitor or a portable mobile monitor that can be carried with you in your laptop bag. We will provide more information in the near future. We expect that you'll be able to make your selection by mid-November, with the goal of having the monitors shipped to you before the holiday break. Stay tuned for more details about how to make your selection.
Folks, as I've said before, your feedback matters. It shapes our strategy and actions, and helps us to continuously enhance quality and the work experience for our people. Please keep your
feedback and ideas coming!
Sure, you may laugh that Papa Whiskey Charlie has finally caught up with the likes of sherpas at McGladrey but make no mistake, this is a game-changer. PwC auditors won't be fucking around anymore.