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Ernst & Young Auditor Is Trying His Hand at This Reality TV Thing

Look, you guys. I know the Big 4 isn't the most glamorous career you could possibly have and it's definitely not the ideal place to be showing off your finer physical attributes, but going on reality TV rarely falls into the category of good life decisions. I mean seriously, how bad do you need your 15 minutes? And this is how you'll go about doing it? Even if you were to become partner at your firm and get tied up in a scandal of David Duncan-esque proportions, at least you'd still have a shred of dignity left. 

Our latest participant in the attention whore wars is Nathan (Nate) Bakke, an audit senior from Ernst & Young who will be one of the bachelors on the Bachelorette.  And we were tipped to his involvement by a couple of readers:

Someone from EY will be on [The Bachelorette] too. His name is Nathan Bakke, and he made it through the 1st round. He works in the LA office. I work at EY as well. He hasn't shown up in most of the directories, which I thought was weird. However I did find him in our people search with his office number and email address.

Right! Remember this guy, Tony DeSarro? What, you've forgotten already? Last month, Tony showed up on a reality TV rag and a couple people tipped us off to it. He's a KPMG employee, but he's no longer on the site, so he either got kicked to the curb, or it was some kind of ruse as some people in the comments claimed. Either way, he's better off (and so are we). Although I have to admit that having a Big 4 rivalry on a fantasyland dating reality TV would've been quite fun. As for young Nate, he's in this for real, according to Reality Steve

More about Nate: he managed to get out of the University of Arizona in five years and did internships at Protviti and Sempra before landing the gig at E&Y. Oh! And perhaps the most interesting fact, from one of our tipsters:

He actually comes from a family of Big 4, as his dad is a tax partner at Deloitte (previously of Arthur Andersen) in Phoenix.  

Dean, I presume? 

Now that we've sufficiently trolled investigated him, we'll say, best of luck, Nate. Hopefully this is a more fulfilling experience for you than spellchecking your staff's workpapers.  

Anyone know or work with Nate? We'd love to hear your story and his chances. Email us.