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Employer Who Fired an Allegedly Racist Accountant (Twice) Is Allegedly Racist

Last month we learned that Virgnia Spidle, the Chief Accountant for the City of Birmingham, Alabama, was fired a second time by her employer. The grounds for the first dismissal were racism, which a personnel board dismissed. Not one to be dismayed by awkwardness around the office, Spidle returned to her job only to be told, again, that her services were no longer needed. The city, just as determined to keep Spidle unemployed as she was to stay employed, claimed that she was incompetent. At the time, I suggested that she should just let this one go and find a place to work where the people might actually like her but Ms. Spidle is carrying on her quest to drag this out as long as humanly possible:  

Virginia Spidle late this week sent her complaint the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission alleging Birmingham officials "engaged in a pattern of race and age discrimination."
Spidle, 57, alleges the city forced her out the second time because she was called as a witness in an earlier EEOC complaint involving another longtime former white employee who claims a pattern of discrimination by the city against whites. "We're not only claiming discrimination based on race, but also on age," Gear said. "All of them have been over 40 and all of them have been white." As evidence, Spidle's cites that there is only one white supervisor in the accounting department, down from five in late 2010. "Many older persons and whites were forced to resign or were discharged under the recent administration," Spidle wrote in her complaint. "There remains only one white in the 28-member accounting department."
So it appears Spidle's motivation is one of an undying committement to diversity! A noble mission. Carry on.