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The Easiest Solution To a Common Cube Dweller Problem

Need some help? Just need to vent? Want to discuss whether your business card is ecru or eggshell? Give us a shout, we might be motivated to help you.

Hey GC

Busy season is just getting rolling,  but I’ve got a loud problem on my hands. A manager (not on my team) has a cube near mine in the office and he spends the whole day and night on the phone,  and he doesn’t have much of an inside voice. He also is a micro manager (he instructs the poor individual on the other end of the line where to put the $ in an excel function) and very condescending to those he speaks to. While we all have phone calls to make,  I don’t mind it during the hustle and bustle of the day. But when about 630 rolls around,  and I’m getting tired and trying to gander through all the new client files for we received during the day, and you can hear a pin drop in the office,  it literally drives me up the wall. In a non professional setting,  I’d take my attitude right to him and tell him to shut the hell up. But due to where I am on the ladder and where he is I can’t do that. I don’t know this man,  and based on his tone,  I don’t care to. What should I do??

Your problem comes with a one word solution, and shall be solved in perhaps the quickest fashion Going Concern has ever seen. You ready to have your mind blown?

HEADPHONES. Get some freaking headphones.

Listen, we all know that guy. I hate to say it but I am that guy, a boisterous troll such as myself just can’t contain her excitement, therefore tends to get carried away with the shouting a little. I don’t mean to do this, and frankly if a colleague were to approach me and say “hey, can you keep it down a little?” I wouldn’t be offended.

You, my friend, need to grow a pair. Either say something or say nothing. I mean what else can you do? Tell the partners Manager Mark is a big fatmouth and he’s bothering you? Yeah, try that, see how it works.

Actually, why don’t you start making loud, annoying calls at 6:30? Maybe that will solve the problem. Or maybe it will only cause him to speak louder and piss off twice as many people in the office because now you two clowns are duking it out over who can be a bigger inconsiderate jackass.

Anyone have suggestions for this guy? I can’t even, CAN’T EVEN.