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Due Diligence – Big 4

I am looking for insight from anyone who has worked in transaction services at a Big 4 firm.

I am currently looking to make a move to a Big 4 firm from a financial services institution, where I do financial reporting. I don’t enjoy my role, as it tends to be a repetitive cycle of procedural work, as opposed to performing analysis. I am 3 years out of school, I have my CPA, and financial reporting is essentially all I’ve done. I’ve realized pretty quickly that my internal growth potential is capped because I don’t have public accounting experience. I know Audit would be a smoother transition from financial reporting, but I don’t think Audit is for me.

The concept of due diligence intrigues me. However, the majority of reviews I see is specifically on Financial and tax due diligence. Does anyone have insight on what Due Diligence for Lenders is like, and what future opportunities it could lead to? It seems like it lines up pretty well with my background, as from job descriptions, working knowledge of U.S. GAAP and SEC reporting issues is highly valued. Any thoughts or opinions are welcome!