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Do You Know an Exceptional Accounting Educator?

You've probably never heard of it (degenerates) but the AICPA Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award recognizes full-time college accounting educators distinguished for excellence in teaching and for national prominence in the accounting profession. The award has a dual function: to extend profession-wide recognition to the recipient and promote role models in academia. The third unspoken function is that it's a real confidence boost for underpaid and overworked professors who give their hearts and souls to the profession just to raise the next generation of accounting superstars. Or something like that. State CPA societies and individuals may submit nominations for the annual award. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominations for the 2012 award must be received by March 1, 2012.

Note: Electing an amazing accounting instructor is not as simple as submitting their name to the AICPA. The person nominated must be notified and agree to be nominated and you will have to include their current résumé and supporting documentation such as: record of teaching career, summaries of student and/or peer evaluations (not more than five), letters from colleagues (not more than five), letters from current and/or former students (not more than five), list of previous teaching awards, description of innovative teaching practices, and list of leadership positions held in the profession.

Nominees are not required to be a CPA nor hold a doctoral degree. Educators who are noted for their teaching abilities, but are now primarily involved in administration or research, also are eligible for the award. If you're still interested in doing all this legwork on behalf of an incredible accounting educator, download the Distinguished Achievement in Accounting Education Award application here.