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Do I get a Master’s in Accounting, MBA, or go for the job market?

First time poster here,

I'm entering my senior year of college studying accounting and actuarial science (may the jokes begin) and my plan was always to stick around a 5th year to earn my Master's in Accounting. This was because it would give me advanced accounting classes, help me prepare for the CPA, and allow me to complete the needed 150 hours. Well I crunched the numbers and by the time this upcoming fall semester is over, I will have 136 hours, much more than I originally thought. It seems to me I have a ton of options going forward, and if you all would weigh in and give me some advice, I would appreciate it. OH, and I'll be attending the national leadership program for a Big 4 firm in the coming weeks, so as long as I don't burn down the hotel or drunkenly hook up with a partner's wife, I should be able to secure an internship offer. I don't know how much information you all care to have but I'm a 3.8 student, very involved, yada yada yada, working in internal audit at an SEC insurance company this summer, and I have big hopes to become a partner or consultant one day.

1.) Take an internship this upcoming Spring, stick around for a Master's in Accounting, and then start full-time thereafter.

2.) Take an internship this upcoming Spring, pursue an MBA for a year, then start full-time thereafter.

3.) No internship in the Spring (or maybe one next summer?), take full class load in the Spring, graduate with 150 hours, study for the CPA, start full-time? Does this even happen? Complicated because I would intern in the summer and hope for an offer that would start within 6 months. Or if I don't intern with them at all, will a Big4 firm hire me?

Also worth considering, I'm going to have a ton of college debt after four years. I would love to start full-time for an employer and then have them pay my way for an MBA or Masters in Accounting.

There's always the option of getting hired by an actuarial firm post-graduation but you don't care about that.

Thanks for any help!