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Deloitte Risk Advisory Associate Director Who Praised Hitler on LinkedIn No Longer Works at Deloitte

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Ed. note: this article’s headline has been changed as we don’t actually know if he got fired or not.

Neerabh Mehrotra, formerly Associate Director at Deloitte India, has been let go after he gushed over Adolf Hitler’s charisma, intelligence, and confidence on LinkedIn. The post:

Text transcription, courtesy Google Lens:

😊Friday Inspiration😍
Recently I picked up a book on Adolf Hitler “The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler” by Laurence Rees. I always wanted to read about Hitler and the World War II and this book gave me a fair understanding about these topic.

Although, this book narrated lot of stories about Hitler and how he become the Chancellor of Germany. If you search him on Google, it will say, he was an autocratic leader, very egocentric, un-empathic, ruthless, aggressive, tough-minded, in fact many people believed that he was a psycho and needed a medical assistant.

One of his key personality traits was that he couldn’t tolerate any discussion/ debate/argument and he used to get annoyed if anyone interrupt or try to deliberate on any topic with him. He lived most of his life alone, never allowed anyone to get closure to him, had no family or friends either.

However, there are several charismatic qualities he had, and we all should learn from him.

Some of the imperative qualities of Hitler were.
1. Charismatic Visionary
2. Magnetic Speaker 3. Extremely Confident
4. Very Intellectual
5. Massive Action Taker

As the Nazis salute says “Heil Hitler!”

Would you like to add anything about Adolf Hitler?

#people #inspiration #leader #adolfhitler

When I first came across this story on Jewish Chronicle I had to Google to make sure I wasn’t about to eat the onion. Alas it’s real, there’s a whole discussion on r/deloitte, it appeared on the compendium of all LinkedIn lunacy r/LinkedInLunatics (many, many times in the last several days), and even VICE wrote about it. So I’m late, clearly.

A post on r/deloitte two days ago said he was still at Deloitte however a spokesperson at the firm told JC he doesn’t work there anymore. “The views on social media expressed by the individual, who joined our organization last month, are not aligned with our shared values and violate our internal policies,” said a firm spokesperson. “This individual no longer works for Deloitte India.”

by u/Fantastic_Form3607 from discussion Anyone have an update on the Associate Director at Deloitte that was praising Nazis and saying Heil Hitler?
in deloitte

There’s also an apology, though it appears it couldn’t salvage the pieces of his career shattered in a single social media post. On his now-disappeared LinkedIn he posted this apology letter (with two exclamation points!!):


Open Apology Letter!!

Dear LinkedIn Professionals,

This is an open apology letter to each one of you whose sentiments/feelings were hurt because of my recent post on “Hitler”.

Honestly, I had no intention to hurt anyone’s feeling instead I was just trying to share my learnings from the book. It is like any other post I have written in the past, but I agree, I should have been more careful.
My mentors/coaches/bosses have always taught me that if I make a mistake then I should have an audacity accept it as well so here I come forward to sincerely apologize for my post and I will not write anything about such personalities in the future.

I would also like to clarify that this was my personal opinion, and it has nothing to do with my race, religion, country or the organizations I am associated with at the moment or in the past.

On this platform, we all are professionals, and we keep sharing and learning for each other and some time we do make mistakes, retrospect and improvise it so I request you to forgive me, disregard the distraction I had created and continue our growth journey with full force.

Appreciate your consideration and support.

Thank you, Neerabh

Apparently the guy has a YouTube channel on which he describes himself as “Intraprenuer’s Holistic Success Coach.” There’s not much on there but this one aged particularly well.

This guy definitely will never work in this town again.

Deloitte director who called Hitler ‘charismatic visionary’ no longer works at the company [Jewish Chronicle]

6 thoughts on “Deloitte Risk Advisory Associate Director Who Praised Hitler on LinkedIn No Longer Works at Deloitte

  1. I agree with Mehrota in part. Hitler was a “magnetic” speaker. That’s how he got to take over Germany.
    He was also “extremely confident”. That’s largely why Germany lost World War II. Hitler knew less about warfare than he thought.
    He invaded Russia and apparently didn’t study Napoleon’s defeat by Russia. Hitler didn’t even know of Russia’s two greatest generals: General January and General February.

  2. the part of this that makes me cringe, aside from the utter lack of sensitivity and humanity, is the way in which this “director” writes. I am well aware that he is a foreign person, but this post was written in English, and to represent Deloitte, I would have hoped that one would be able to know the difference between “close” and “closure”…. What has this profession come down to?

  3. He didn’t gush over Hitler. He stated the truth. He was charismatic, a good speaker, and got things done. Most don’t agree with his views and what he did, but it’s the facts.

    1. “Things” as in murder 11 million+ people and try to murder all Jews. Ffs stop being such a goddamn idiot and nazi sympathizer.

    2. Yeah it was objective until he wrote “Heil Hitler”. There was no way to argue his way out of that part.

  4. Agree the post was insensitive. However, what this Director has done is provide people a map to critically assess those in leadership positions as potential monsters. If you look at that list, you’ll find those are the traits that large organizations seem to covet in their leaders. They want that charisma, the confidence the magnetism. People are drawn to that kind of personality and as Hitler proved, people are willing to blindly follow these types until its too late.

    The lesson here is to be positive, but also skeptical of leaders who exhibit these traits.

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