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BDO Poaches Someone From Deloitte and Issues a Press Release, Part I

So around 12:30 this morning, as I checked BDO Canada’s website for any kind of update on the BDO employee in Toronto who has COVID-19, I noticed that the firm recently hired a new assurance partner for its office in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Her name is Erica McCurdy, and she left Deloitte Canada to join Bravo Delta Oscar.

Erica McCurdy

When you leave one firm as a senior manager to join another firm as a partner, it’s a pretty big achievement and a nice promotion.

But BDO felt compelled to state in the press release how big a deal this was for McCurdy, in case us in the accounting media didn’t know:

This is a significant milestone for Erica’s career, and we are proud to position her for success.

LOL, position her for more success—and more money—at another firm in like a year or two.

Anyhoo, here’s the rest of what the BDO Canada PR team cranked out about McCurdy’s hiring:

Erica has experience working with a variety of clients in real estate, construction and manufacturing, with a focus on private, not-for-profit and government entities. She will continue to strengthen BDO’s commitment to client success through a decade of experience providing unique solutions to help clients grow and realize their potential.

“We are excited to welcome Erica as partner on the A&A team,” says Ken Davidson, Office Managing Partner, BDO Halifax. “Becoming a partner was a significant moment for me, and I’m proud that BDO will provide that opportunity for growth for Erica.”

Ms. McCurdy joined BDO on March 1, 2020.

She had been a Green Dotter her entire professional career, joining Deloitte in 2009 as an assurance and advisory manager and was then promoted to senior manager in 2016, according to her LinkedIn profile.

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