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Deloitte Is Getting a New Office in Dallas

Deloitte offices in downtown San Jose

Fresh from Dallas Morning News:

Another major tenant in one of downtown Dallas’ legacy skyscrapers is headed Uptown to a new building.

Professional services firm Deloitte LLP plans to relocate its Dallas office from the former Chase Tower to the 23Springs office tower under construction in Uptown

The new space is not just new to Deloitte, it’s brand new to everyone. The 625,000-square-foot 23Springs building at 2323 Cedar Springs Rd. is set to open next year. According to the property’s snazzy website, it offers “a high-end fitness studio, a customer lounge & golf simulator, coffee & wine bar, conference center, a sophisticated street-level park, dramatic views of the city, and numerous restaurants.” Not a golf simulator!

The developer’s senior managing director cheerfully told Morning News, “If you are an employer or an owner of commercial real estate, you have to create a product that gets people from working at home. You have to make employees desire and want to come into the office.”

Let’s check this place out and see if it beats slobbing around at home in sweats.

Deloitte will be taking more than 100,000 square feet across four floors some time in 2026.

The nearly 2,800 professionals at Deloitte’s Dallas office currently work out of Dallas Arts Tower, fka Chase Tower, at 2200 Ross Avenue, a 738 foot, 55-story “postmodern” skyscraper smack dab in downtown that is older than most managers working at Deloitte.

Way back in 2009, the city enticed Deloitte into bringing more people downtown rather than moving operations to Irving by offering a $2 million “economic development grant.” In exchange, Deloitte had to sign a 10-year lease extension at Chase Tower beginning in 2011 and commit to maintaining a minimum of 1,111 jobs at the location, a number we still don’t know the origins of other than the possibility of some city councilperson with arithmomania pulling it out of their backside. The city believed at the time this $2 million investment would yield $31 million in net city fiscal impact, not a bad return for their money.

Elsewhere in the sprawling Dallas metro, last year the firm announced a Deloitte University expansion that will add eight buildings across at least 300,000 sq ft to the existing 700,000 sq ft campus in Westlake.

Deloitte moving workers from downtown Dallas to new Uptown tower in huge office lease [Dallas Morning News]

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  1. Looks like every other b4 office……not guna make people go to an office especially because they will have to fight / reserve seats just to be around sick people

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