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Footnotes: (Volcker Rule) Haters Gonna Hate; Meh, Math; GT Be Succession Planning, Yo | 12.10.13

Here are 6 jobs that are dying and don't worry, "accountant" isn't on the list [Careerealism]

Regulators adopt final Volcker rule limits on bank trading [WaPo]

Regulators seek to curb Wall St. trades with Volcker rule At some point someone is going to have to write up a manual for examiners on what to look for and … how to enforce that stuff. That's going to be a really important document," said Bradley Sabel, a lawyer at Shearman and Sterling in New York. [Reuters]

Poor math, forever alone [NYT]

Manny Pacquiao owes the IRS $18 million [TMZ]

Alan Grayson was outed in court as having lost $18 million to fraud [POLITICO]

GT is planning ahead… on Twitter:


The Volcker rule broke credit markets? I thought credit markets broke credit markets. [Forbes]

"The sorcerer's apprentice of implants" has been sentenced to 4 years for breast implant fraud. Wouldn't you like to have been that forensic examiner? [The Australian]

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