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Dear Hiring Managers, Lower Your Standards or STFU About How Hard It Is To Find Top Talent

There’s a delicious rant blowing up on /r/accounting I wanted to share with you all on this fine Wednesday because A) it’s hilarious and B) I’m fairly certain a good 99% of you can relate to OP’s frustrations. Screw the pleasantries, let’s jump right in.

Accounting student rant. (Soft skills, brand building, *vomit*) from r/Accounting

Wow. Tell us how you really feel, my dude.

Can’t lie, OP has a point. The firms hand-wring endlessly about how tough it is to find top talent all while expecting new grads to have 13 minors ranging from computer science to communications, the ironing skills of Betty Draper, and the kind of flawless communication skills found only in sociopaths and successful MLM salespeople.

Sure, CPAs need to be able to hold a conversation. And match the right shoes to the right button-up shirt. But let’s not pretend like the world’s economy is doomed if they can’t also command the attention of an entire room, lead an army to war, and do it all on a measly five hours of sleep.

Calm down, leaders. If we’re being honest, many of you can’t even figure out how to take pictures off your phone without a 7-year-old around to do it for you. Takes a ton of balls for you lot to spout off about how kids these days have it so easy and oh by the way, new hire, can you code HTML while on a conference call and a ball balanced on your head? Get real.